“M” in LTE-M should stand for MORE – more Internet of Things


AT&T is a leader in the Internet of Things (IoT) and our plans for a nationwide deployment of a LTE-M network for Internet of Things is ahead of schedule in the second quarter of 2017. We’re also planning LTE-M availability in Mexico by the end of the year.

LTE-M will be the catalyst for large-scale IoT deployments. Allowing more businesses and people to tap into IoT will transform how we live, work and care for our world. Currently, we are already testing LTE-M network and chipset technology in:

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Smart water meters with Capstone Metering

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Smart pallets with RM2

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Smart beverage fountains with PepsiCo

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Consumer devices with Samsung

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Shipping container monitoring with Xirgo Technologies

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Connected vehicles and fleet & asset management with CalAmp

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Home security and automation with Telular.

Devices designed to operate on the LTE-M network have advantages over traditional IoT connectivity options. You’ll see:

Lower device costs
Longer battery life (expected up to 10 years)
Better coverage underground and deep inside buildings
Module Size (as small as 1/6 the size of current modules)

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